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New To BDSM?

For those lovers who wish to venture into uncharted waters in the bedroom, BDSM practices can be great outlets for expressing erotic, and some non-erotic desires.

In many countries around the world, men and women have been engaging in different types of BDSM activities for a long time.

Featuring a widely varying assortment of restraints, furniture, and other equipment, BDSM practices can take many forms.

For the benefit of beginning BDSM enthusiasts and intrigued newcomers alike, some of the most fundamental and important information concerning such aspects as safety, and proper use of BDSM equipment, will be discussed briefly.


BDSM Restraints and Bondage

Using restraints and other means of binding can be a stimulating twist for all parties involved. These interesting and tantalizing ways of expressing sexual desires are a safe way of feeling a rush of extreme sensation with your partner.

There is a lot to know when preparing to engage in using different types of restraints and bondage, especially with regard to using knots and tied materials to bind a consenting partner. 

With all of the variations of knots available to those engaging in BDSM practices, there are definitely those variations that are more effective and safe than others.

Beginning BDSM participants are typically advised to learn and extensively practice certain knots that are most conducive to BDSM style binding.

This advice is generally given to beginners due to the fact that when BDSM participants are not well educated on the right way to tie binding knots, there can sometimes be a resulting injury, or even a fatality. 

With regard to the potential risk of injury while engaging in BDSM binding practices, these risks can be easily mitigated by educating oneself on proper knot tying procedures, and also by only using binding materials that have some elasticity to them.

In addition, it is important to never, ever, leave someone alone if they are bound. This is because binding can sometimes cause unexpected consequences for a participant, and so someone should always be in the presence of the participant when they are bound to avoid injury or severe discomfort. 


BDSM Etiquette

Fundamentally, BDSM etiquette comes down to establishing a mutual understanding between participants. It comes down to effective communication, and a sense of respect. With regard to communication, BDSM participants should discuss such subjects as individual BDSM interests, needs, desires, health requirements, and respective STD statuses.

By discussing the critical elements of BDSM activity with your partner, it is likely that you will not only gain a heighten sense of closeness and intimacy with them, but a mutual understanding of personal BDSM preference will be achieved as well. 

It is important to negotiate the terms and limits of a given BDSM activity before beginning, so that all participants can feel comfortable about what is going to happen.

The use of safe words is an effective way to ensure that all participants in a given BDSM activity can easily signify that they are either enjoying what is happening, or not enjoying it, or requiring that the activity stop immediately.

Often times using the metaphor of a traffic light is a useful way of creating safe words that are descriptively accurate; green, yellow, and red are all good safe words to use when engaging in those BDSM activites that may be slightly higher-risk. 


BDSM Risk Reduction

Safety plays a huge role in successful and enjoyable BDSM experiences, and for this reason it is important for participants to fully understand the risks and dangers that can sometimes be involved, and also how to minimize and reduce these risks.

Some of these risks are caused by sexually transmitted diseases, which have a relatively low occurrence with regard to most BDSM practices, but can still pose a danger to participants.

Also, even if all participants have negotiated what is going to happen within a given activity, it is still advised that emergency and first aid equipment be kept nearby in case of a quick ending being necessitated.

Some of this BDSM emergency equipment includes safety scissors for quickly cutting through binding materials and other restraining devices, and larger shears and bolt cutters in the event that heavy duty chains and padlocks are being used in an activity. 


Percussion Play

Percussion play can be a more fun and lighthearted area of BDSM, or it can be heavier and more serious if desired. Involving light to heavy spanking, whipping, and the like, percussion play is a form of BDSM activity that can be relatively safe.

This is because percussion play variations rarely ever involve any kind of penetration, which means that the chance of sexually transmitting diseases to a partner is considerably lower than it would be with other types of BDSM activities.

When engaging in percussion play activities, it is important to only spank or whip muscled areas of the body. This means avoiding spanking or hitting boney areas of the body, joints, hands, feet, neck, and head areas due to their sensitivity to being struck, and the possibility of them being injured.

Buttocks, calves, thighs, chest and upper back areas are some of the recommended areas of the body for percussion play, due to the fact that the muscle on a person’s body can be struck or spanked and typically not suffer any injury.




A specific variation of percussion play, whipping is a popular activity among BDSM enthusiasts. One thing to always remember when engaging in whipping style BDSM activities is that open cuts or sores should always be covered up before starting.

This can help to minimize any further injury, and also minimize the possibility of transmitting blood or other bodily fluids via a whip swinging through the air. When using whips, the possibility of drawing blood is always present.

If a whip is used exclusively for not drawing blood, then it is safe to use it on multiple participants; if it is used to draw blood, then it is best to only use this whip on one individual since whips are usually impossible to sterilize completely.

When all precautions are taken, whipping can be a very enjoyable BDSM practice for all participants.

Tom Douvia
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