Sexy Erotic Spanking  Tips

Spanking is a pretty common desire among men and women who feel passionate about their physical desires. It’s kind of a sexy activity, where one mate smashes his partner’s ass with a force, which need not be painful.It is all about giving some pleasurable ass smacking without causing any kind of physical violence.

So, if you think spanking is something you would like to try with your partner, here are some tips for sexy spanking that will help you make it fun and pleasurable for both of you. 

There are many versions of spanking. Whether you wish to spank, or be spanked, there are certain things that you would need to look upon to make sure you get the right pleasure out of it. Spanking can be a simple physical sensation, power play or even kinky.

Based on your comfort and passion for physical intimacy, you can choose to go any way that makes you and your partner excited and satisfied. 


Power Play – Men and women always have a common desire to submit sexually to one another. Plan out an evening with your partner, where one of you being a “sexual servant”. Focus on your partner’s pleasure and do whatever your partner commands you to. It won’t just increase the spark, but also make an extremely hot evening for both of you.

On the other side, you can also plan to play around punishments for the naughty partner being punished with ass smacking to correct bad behavior. Power play is all about making the game interesting, unpredictable and exciting between two adults looking for some thrilling experience. 


Kinky – In most situations, it can be really difficult to put your partner in an over the knee position just to smack his or her ass. If it is still a taboo in your relationship, it is better to be a bit smart and introduce spanking during the role play. Make sure you use all the safety precautions to get the spanking going. 


Physical Sensations – For many couples, spanking is more about giving each other subtle physical sensations to create warmth on the ass cheeks. A pleasurable spanking can create never ending urges to try different sexual desires. It also helps stimulate sexual area, which makes it an excellent turn on. For those who choose to spank to turn on the heat, it is better to try different positions every time to enhance the overall pleasure in a sexy way. 


Tips For Sexy Spanking 

Regardless of how you want to begin with your spanking adventure, here are some tips that will help you to heighten sensation and stimulate intimacy. 


1) Are You Spanking Correctly?

Spanking might seem too easy to many people, but there are certain techniques that need to be kept in mind to make it painless for the person being spanked. Striking or hitting on wrong areas can lead to physical discomfort and create unbearable pain as opposed to sexy pain. It is important to learn how and where to spank so you both can enjoy the experience together.


2) Start Slow! 

If you haven’t done it before, it’s better to start with slow hand movements. Not many people can take hard and strong whack in the first go. It is advised to start off with lighter touches and continue to build intensity. Moreover, once you have spanked hard in the first time, you might not be able to convince your partner to take it more. So, always start with slow movements, let her or him get into the play and then begin with passionate hits. 


3) Use your hands! 

Were you thinking to use those leather paddles you saw online? Well, if you are just starting out, it is better to start with “just hands”. As a spanker, you should be able to get a good, warm feeling of the ass you are planning to hit so hard. Moreover, handy spanking will also make your partner feel connected to you. The sensation and warmth of hands cannot be compared to any artificial object.


Safety Tips For Spanking


Once you have talked about spanking with your partner, you may take your next sexual opportunity to add some spicy spanking to your adult play time. However, there are some safety measures that you need to keep in mind before getting into the play. 


  • Not many people think about what they should and should not wear during spanking. For most people, spanking is all about smacking the ass cheeks in however way. This should not be the case! You must ensure that the person being spanked is not wearing any kind of jewelry scarf or other clothing around her/his neck.Also, the spanker should not be wearing any kind of jewelry on his wrists and/or fingers. Since spanking can result in a lot of thrashing and jolting, both partners should be wearing loose-fitted clothes and absolutely no accessories. 


  • Make sure both of you have an understanding of each other’s tolerance level. You may even create some safe words that you can use during the foreplay. Allow your partner to be able to express his or her feelings by using those safe-words. You may even choose to go with non vocal safe words or actions to express feelings and consent. This would require you to arrange discussions before getting into the play. 


  • Spanking should be safe and fun. Avoid using any kind of artificial or painful objects that can take away the fun from your partner. Find sweet spots on the ass where your partner feels the maximum pleasure. 


So, Are You Ready For Some Spanking?

If you keep all the techniques and safety in mind, spanking can be one of the greatest experiences among any mutually sexually active partners. All you need to make sure that your partner is comfortable with the whole idea.

Consensual spanking not just brings pleasure, but also ensure that you discover a new way to enjoy your adult time without being monogamous. It is also a great way to know how connected you both are even at the most vulnerable state.

Spank it well, and do not forget to keep it safe and comfortable! 



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