When Spanking is Okay

Many people assume that people who like BDSM like to be spanked or beat around at any time of day and in any place. The fact is that people who like BDSM only enjoy these beatings in context. That is, they know when it is okay to engage in such activities and when it is not acceptable.


The belief that people who like BDSM want to be spanked at any time of day is a simple bias that so many people have with regards to BDSM enthusiasts. A person who likes this activity is not addicted to pain. That person just likes to have a bit of a thrill when getting into sex.


If the person was thrilled about being spanked in public or wanted to feel pain just because then that person would have a problem. A BDSM fan who knows one’s limits clearly does not have any mental issues and is completely sane.


Of course, spanking is just a small part of what makes BDSM so unique. This is not the only thing that people will get into when engaging in this activity but it is something that most people think about when looking at this activity. That’s what makes this discussion on spanking all the more important.

Tom Douvia
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