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Sexy Erotic Spanking  Tips

Spanking is a pretty common desire among men and women who feel passionate about their physical desires. It’s kind of a sexy activity, where one mate smashes his partner’s ass with a force, which need not be painful.It is all about giving some pleasurable ass smacking without causing any kind of physical violence.

So, if you think spanking is something you would like to try with your partner, here are some tips for sexy spanking that will help you make it fun and pleasurable for both of you. 

There are many versions of spanking. Whether you wish to spank, or be spanked, there are certain things that you would need to look upon to make sure you get the right pleasure out of it. Spanking can be a simple physical sensation, power play or even kinky.

Based on your comfort and passion for physical intimacy, you can choose to go any way that makes you and your partner excited and satisfied.  Read the rest of this entry

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Preparing Yourself for BDSM

If you do want to try this out then you should at least get an idea of the basics of BDSM as well as some important details. Although this sounds simple in theory, it’s actually a form of sex that involves a number of variables that will come into play including points relating to how people are to act and what kinds of motions are to work. IN fact, these variables will make it all the more exciting because it can be a challenge to have the same scene twice in a row.


It’s best to take a look at the Fetlife website if you’re interested in BDSM or to see if you’ve got a partner who’s willing to try this out with you. This site includes information on how to work with BDSM, talks about the philosophies behind BDSM and how to work with this in unique ways.


In fact, Fetlife includes things on just about every form of kink out there. It doesn’t matter what style you’re interested in. The odds are you’ll find details on this site about whatever tickles your fancy. Everyone’s got interests and the odds are you might not only learn more about BDSM but also find a different type of kink that will be just as appealing to you.


Be sure to start off slowly so you can get used to BDSM. You can’t just move into the advanced activities relating to it right away. You’ve got to practice by taking a look at the basics first and then thinking about how much you can get away with based on the tools to use and the poses to maintain.


Don’t forget to be sure that your sexual partner is someone who is willing to engage in BDSM with you. A good partner will be someone who wants to do this with you and will not be afraid to try something new once in a while.


As you prepare for BDSM and engage in BDSM, you’ll begin to see that this form of sexual behavior is nowhere near as bad or unusual as you might think it is. In fact, it’s a smart form of sex when you take a look at its variables.

It’s a great kind of activity that includes many ways to perform and entails a sense of control for all people. Don’t believe that this act is as harmful as some people or psychologists like to believe as it’s a thrilling form of kink worth trying out.

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It’s Not For Everyone

Of course, BDSM is not something that just anyone can get into. There’s no way how one kind of sexual activity can be suitable for every single person. In fact, everyone’s got their own tastes in terms of what they might be interested in. Some people will enjoy getting into activities that entail sex toys and some will like to dress up in fantasy outfits for role-playing purposes. These people all have their reasons for engaging in sex this way and it’s all sensible but that doesn’t mean every single option for sex is great for everyone.


However, BDSM is still a strong form of sex worth trying. It’s an adventurous form of sex that can be controlled in a variety of ways. Still, anyone who engages in this without consent or is overly consumed by it will have a problem with it although it’s something that can be a problem with any form of sex. Anyone who thinks about sex too often or tries to get into sex at the most inopportune times will have a problem. This is especially for those who break the sane and consensual rules that come with BDSM.


In all candor, it is relatively tough to take a look at what people think about BDSM but that doesn’t mean the DSM has to have the last word on it. This is something that could work for some people and may just turn others off. Every form of sex is interesting and unique and there’s no reason for people to assume that just because it’s something that doesn’t fit one’s desires doesn’t mean that it is something that might be too weird or off-putting. 


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Planning BDSM Ahead

An amazing part of BDSM is that it entails people planning their scenarios ahead of time. They plan to see who will have more power and who will be in charge when engaging in sexual acts. This is different from what critics say. Many critics argue that BDSM only encourages the man in the relationship to have more power and to be dominating over the woman. However, people can end up changing their concepts of sexuality by performing it instead of just experiencing sex.


When BDSM is planned, a couple can take a look at what they are doing when having sex and experiment a little. The performance aspect of BDSM is what makes it so different and sensible from something else.


The ways how BDSM can be planned entails a number of great features. What happens here is that the power structure in sex can be analyzed and the man and woman in the activity can choose by their own about who should be the dominant figures. In other words, the man is not going to be the dominant and controlling figures every time like what many feminists argue.


What’s interesting is that the control in the activity can change during a scene. The first half can involve the man being in control and then the woman will be in charge in the second half. Sometimes people can alternate with the man running one scene and the woman doing it next time.


The balance of power is not a one-sided equation as many feminists like to argue. People who think that the act is unfairly divided are clearly not looking too closely in terms of how the people in BDSM can plan their activities ahead of time. The variables that come into play when engaging in a scene are incredibly varied and can involve many ways for people to have fun.


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