Sexy Erotic Spanking  Tips

Spanking is a pretty common desire among men and women who feel passionate about their physical desires. It’s kind of a sexy activity, where one mate smashes his partner’s ass with a force, which need not be painful.It is all about giving some pleasurable ass smacking without causing any kind of physical violence.

So, if you think spanking is something you would like to try with your partner, here are some tips for sexy spanking that will help you make it fun and pleasurable for both of you. 

There are many versions of spanking. Whether you wish to spank, or be spanked, there are certain things that you would need to look upon to make sure you get the right pleasure out of it. Spanking can be a simple physical sensation, power play or even kinky.

Based on your comfort and passion for physical intimacy, you can choose to go any way that makes you and your partner excited and satisfied.  Read the rest of this entry

Tom Douvia
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