The Home BDSM Dungeon

The practices of BDSM are highly diverse in their nature, and offer lovers the chance to express themselves in new and exciting sexual ways.

BDSM is almost as much an art form as it is a practical means for kinky sex, and has taken so many different forms since its obscure and loosely defined origins.

There have been numerous cultures in the history of human evolution who have thoroughly embraced BDSM practices, both erotic and non-erotic, and each respective cultural instance of BDSM has had its own distinct features and methodology.


Creating Your Own BDSM Home Dungeon

On the note of medieval BDSM origins, it is important to realize that this medieval era of BDSM’s evolution actually played a prominent role in shaping what we know as modern or contemporary BDSM.

This is true especially in the realm of BDSM home dungeons, which essentially function as areas of a living space wherein certain BDSM activities can be conducted in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home.

These home BDSM play spaces can be great places for experimenting with new techniques and practices, since they offer participants a controlled zone that is free from external judgments and also from the kinds of unintended consequences that can arise when engaging in BDSM activities with people you haven’t known for very long.

There are many different tips and suggestions to consider when preparing to build your own BDSM home dungeon, and some of these helpful bits of information will now be introduced.

One of the first things to determine when beginning to set up your own BDSM home play area, is the exact room or location in which you plan to have your BDSM home dungeon.

It really is completely up to the individual to determine which area of a home would be most preferable for a BDSM home dungeon, and in actuality, any area or room inside a home would probably suffice. Read the rest of this entry

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