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The Home BDSM Dungeon

The practices of BDSM are highly diverse in their nature, and offer lovers the chance to express themselves in new and exciting sexual ways.

BDSM is almost as much an art form as it is a practical means for kinky sex, and has taken so many different forms since its obscure and loosely defined origins.

There have been numerous cultures in the history of human evolution who have thoroughly embraced BDSM practices, both erotic and non-erotic, and each respective cultural instance of BDSM has had its own distinct features and methodology.


Creating Your Own BDSM Home Dungeon

On the note of medieval BDSM origins, it is important to realize that this medieval era of BDSM’s evolution actually played a prominent role in shaping what we know as modern or contemporary BDSM.

This is true especially in the realm of BDSM home dungeons, which essentially function as areas of a living space wherein certain BDSM activities can be conducted in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home.

These home BDSM play spaces can be great places for experimenting with new techniques and practices, since they offer participants a controlled zone that is free from external judgments and also from the kinds of unintended consequences that can arise when engaging in BDSM activities with people you haven’t known for very long.

There are many different tips and suggestions to consider when preparing to build your own BDSM home dungeon, and some of these helpful bits of information will now be introduced.

One of the first things to determine when beginning to set up your own BDSM home play area, is the exact room or location in which you plan to have your BDSM home dungeon.

It really is completely up to the individual to determine which area of a home would be most preferable for a BDSM home dungeon, and in actuality, any area or room inside a home would probably suffice. Read the rest of this entry

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Dungeon Furniture

Show us your . . . BDSM dungeon
This week the Leather Rose Association shows us its BDSM dungeon, filled with bondage furniture.

By Gwynedd Stuart @gwynnstu

The Leather Rose Association has around two dozen pieces of equipment in its dungeon, including a spanking bench.

Join a health club and you’ll have access to some treadmills, a few elliptical machines, weights, a sauna if you’re lucky. The members of LRA Chicago—short for Leather Rose Association—work it out on a whole different kind of equipment, like a spanking bench, a Saint Andrew’s cross, and sundry pieces of bondage furniture.

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Historical Origins of BDSM

2013-04-04_1914When trying to derive a clear cut origin for BDSM activities, one can encounter great difficulty since these kinds of erotic and non-erotic practices have experienced genuinely spontaneous creation within separate cultures all over the planet.

This is to say that practices and activities closely resembling what we know today as BDSM, do not necessarily have a common origin point. What this suggests to those individuals who seek to find a greater understanding of BDSM history, is that the practices involved with BDSM have a very natural place in the sexually exploratory realm of the human psyche.

It is within our nature as human beings to include some of the quintessentially BDSM elements into our sexual experimentation, which has been clearly exemplified by all of the different cultural generations of BDSM oriented activity.

One main origin point for BDSM style practices is within the 9th century B.C., when ritualistic whippings were becoming more prevalent in certain areas of ancient Sparta. These whippings were basically a component of an ancient pre-olympic religion, known as the Cult of Orthia.

Within this ancient religion, ritualistic whipping ceremonies were conducted quite frequently, and represent some of the oldest documented examples of sadomasochistic activities known to man. One of these examples is actually a type of graphical proof, which can be found in an Etruscan burial area located in Tarquinia.

Inside this ancient burial site, there is a very clear depiction of two men whipping a woman with a cane while they engage in sexual activity with her. This piece of evidence, which dates back to about the 6th century B.C., is a nearly indisputable account of BDSM style sex practices being performed by ancient peoples.

These ancient accounts of BDSM became steadily more popular after their initial introductions, and after these practices were developed, they began to take a prominent role in sex and foreplay oriented practices. This is only one cultural example of how BDSM type activities can quickly adopt a meaningful role in a society’s sexual consciousness.

2013-04-04_1937Another exemplification of BDSM’s origins and development over time is the Indian work known as the Kama Sutra. This piece of writing, whose composition began at some point around 400 B.C., serves as a profoundly important work in Indian culture.

This book is not only a manual for different sex positions, but it also represents a text containing information about the nature of love, life, family, and many other aspects of living that can be used to better a person’s existence. With regard to the Kama Sutra’s BDSM implications, this book is known to have contained at least four different types of prescribed hitting methods that are designed to be used during love making.

These four types of hitting are designed to enhance the experience of love making, and allow for participants to experience a sense of joyful pain. The Kama Sutra marks one origin point for BDSM type practices, and it also makes the ethical point that hitting and other kinds of BDSM oriented sexual maneuvering should only be performed on those participants who understand what is happening, and are willing to submit themselves to such treatment.

While the aforementioned examples of BDSM origins in different cultures are both examples from many centuries in the past (in the B.C. era even), there are some 14th century medieval examples of BDSM practices being originated in the west that are involved with what is known as courtly love.

Courtly love is essentially the way in which nobility and other high standing political and social entities in medieval Europe treated relationships with their numerous sexual partners. Courtly love, in the medieval context, described a kind of sexual practice wherein the submissive participants were treated very much like sexual slaves.

This was a kind of sexual relationship in which whipping could be used for stimulation, and also bondage became prevalent in this time to heighten the sense of having a sexual slave, so to speak. Medieval lords and noblemen would have their sexual subjects bound in some sort of containment area, which sometimes may have even been a genuine dungeon area.

Out of these early forms of BDSM practice have come the more modern variations, which seek to incorporate a heightened sense of equability and mutual enjoyment into the activities. In other words, while in the ancient and medieval times the BDSM subjects would often be used against their will, this is not necessarily a fundamental element of modern BDSM practice.

Today, BDSM participants often know full well what they are getting into, and a sense of mutual enjoyment is often derived from everyone involved.


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Introduction to Erotic Role Play

Reasons to Experiment with Erotic Role Play

Overview of Basic Role Playing Procedures

Equipment Used in Erotic Role Playing

Erotic Role Play

Sometimes, one of the best ways of making things interesting in the bedroom can be as simple as a game of make-believe with your partner. This kind of erotic role playing can really bring some imaginative life into your sexual explorations, and create an outlet for expression that is very unique in its nature.

There are literally infinite variations of erotic role playing scenarios; the only limit to what can be done with this kind of activity is the limit of one’s own abstract desires and fantasies. People have come up with a great variety of different role playing variations, but there are certainly still the traditional favorites such as police officer, school girl, and school teacher role playing fantasies.

When preparing to engage in an erotic role playing scenario, all participants should have a thorough discussion with each other about what is going to happen and what to expect with a given role playing experience.

This kind of effective communication can help to insure that everyone involved in an erotic role playing endeavor will feel safe and secure during the event. For the benefit of erotic role playing enthusiasts, as well as those individuals who feel compelled to try this type of sensual role playing, some of the basics of this enjoyable erotic practice will be briefly discussed. Read the rest of this entry

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