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Is BDSM Insane?

The DSM-IV says that BDSM is a “paraphilia.” This means that it is a recurring sexual activity or behavior that can be present for months. However, the American Psychiatric Association recently mentioned in time for the fifth edition of the manual that people who have unusual sexual interests are not necessarily people who have mental disorders. Still, this new edition still treats BDSM as an unusual behavior.


The thing is that the specifics associated with what does constitute a mental disorder are extremely vague. It’s hard to figure out what either the DSM-IV or DSM-V has to say when it comes to sexual behaviors because the words that are used to describe them are incredibly vague.


The DSM-V particularly says that BDSM is an “atypical” behavior. What this means is that BDSM is something that is not common among all people and is extremely different from the norm. While it’s true that BDSM is not for everyone, it’s still being listed as something that might be suspicious to some. In short, there is still work to be done to prove to people that BDSM is nothing unusual or weird but the newest edition of the DSM has at least helped to create a sense of progress.

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When Spanking is Okay

Many people assume that people who like BDSM like to be spanked or beat around at any time of day and in any place. The fact is that people who like BDSM only enjoy these beatings in context. That is, they know when it is okay to engage in such activities and when it is not acceptable.


The belief that people who like BDSM want to be spanked at any time of day is a simple bias that so many people have with regards to BDSM enthusiasts. A person who likes this activity is not addicted to pain. That person just likes to have a bit of a thrill when getting into sex.


If the person was thrilled about being spanked in public or wanted to feel pain just because then that person would have a problem. A BDSM fan who knows one’s limits clearly does not have any mental issues and is completely sane.


Of course, spanking is just a small part of what makes BDSM so unique. This is not the only thing that people will get into when engaging in this activity but it is something that most people think about when looking at this activity. That’s what makes this discussion on spanking all the more important.

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Totally Consensual BDSM

The first consideration about BDSM is that it’s a safe form of sex that is also consensual. The only way how sex can really be suitable is if it is consensual. That is, the people engaged in sex have to agree to it and will want to participate in some unique form of sex if desired. It only makes sense for both parties to have some semblance of enjoyment if they’re going to engage in sex.


The “scenes” that people create when engaging in BDSM are designed to allow people to have a little more fun. Specifically, they are prepared in a way to where they are sensible and sane. They’re ones that are not going to be too dangerous and will be created based on what each person wants to do. For instance, negotiations can be used to determine how far something should go, what kinds of tools are to be used and what poses are right for the occasion.


People will talk about what they will do when engaging in BDSM and will set up their own limits on what can happen. There will always be a need to see that all people are of age and that there’s a proper safe word or signal to use for intense situations. In many cases a signal can be added in the event that a person is wearing a gag or some other kind of device and is unable to actually verbalize a need to get out of something.

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Sensible BDSM?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder-Fourth Edition says that acts of sexual masochism and sadism are considered to be serious deviations from normal mental health.

Although they are not listed as disorders unless it causes harm or stress to anyone, it is still a huge black mark on BDSM. It makes people think that BDSM is not a good type of sexual activity to engage in but rather something that’s deviant in its own particular nature.

BDSM is not considered to be a disorder in any kind unless it is something that is harmful to people or is going to be too stressful to a participant. Still, the fact that BDSM was even mentioned in this report to begin with is not a good sign in the first place.

It clearly suggests that there is some kind of stigma against BDSM that entails people being troubled because they like to whip people or beat each other while having sex instead of just having sex straight-up.

However, people who enjoy BDSM are anything but insane. BDSM just might be more sensible than most other forms of sex or kink to begin with. It’s something that is not only consensual but is also planned out in advance.

In addition, the newest edition of the DSM may found that it is not some sign of a mental disorder like many people think it is.

This is all not to say that a person who has been identified as being as deviant according to the DSM is someone who will be emotionally hurt as a result of this label. Still, it’s a label that will hurt the opinions of a person that everyone else might have.

It’s a real hassle but it’s one that doesn’t have to dominate the discussion.

BDSM is something that’s safe and fun to play with when it’s controlled right. It’s clearly not something for everyone but it’s always something to consider when finding a new way to engage in sex.

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